Practice Areas

To meet the growing needs of our clients, respond positively in the dynamic economic climate opened to direct/indirect investments and fill the gap created by the influx of Investors and or disputes arising therefrom. The Firm recently overhauled its operation and undertook specialization courses/training in certain practice areas to make its services more focused and relevant and in tandem with the current trend in modern day Law practice.

Pursuant to the above, the Firm metamorphosed into a corporate Law Firm made of Barristers, Solicitors, Arbitrators, Nominees, Trustees, Notaries Public and offer consultancy services in specialized areas of practice such as Corporate / Commercial Services, Criminal and Fraud Administration, Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents, Trade Marks), Medical Malpractice, Real Estate, Banking/Insurance, Insolvency/Debt Recoveries, Corporate/Business Support services from Pre-incorporation to Incorporation, Merger, Acquisition, and Winding up.

Our practice is broadly divided into;



We advise and provide services in respect of corporate matters from pre-incorporation of companies to incorporation, compliance and regulation in company practices, winding up of companies, merger/acquisition and corporate nominee services.



The Firm has a track record of working with notable Forensic Investigation Practitioners both within and outside the country to undertake asset tracking and due diligence investigation to aid its clients in taking investment decision.



The Firm has considerable experience in Litigation spanning all the Courts of Record in Nigeria i.e., High Courts and Tribunals, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Nigeria. This has been of considerable value to our Clients.



In addition to establishing legal principles, we undertake a cost benefit analysis of our Clients’ cases as a strategy to determine the approach to seek redress for them. Where litigation may be inappropriate, we have a fully developed “Alternative Dispute Resolution Suite”, which meaningfully assists our Clients in areas of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation and other internationally recognized Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism. This is in line with modern international commercial practices. Our services in this area of Dispute Resolution whether as an Arbitrator, Mediator, Conciliator and or Solicitors to a party to the dispute in issue is commendable.



Our Firm without doubt is one of the leading law firms in the Nigerian capital market. As a registered Capital Markets Solicitor Firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission, we advise Issuers of securities seeking to raise funds from the Capital Markets as well as Issuing Houses, Trustees and other Capital Markets Operators.



Intellectual property covers Copyright, Designs, Devices, Logo, Patents, Trademarks etc. our Attorneys’ have sophisticated understanding of product liability, franchising, environmental, tax and regulatory issues that accompany intellectual property creation, ownership and transfer particularly in the commercial context.



Our real Estate Investments Advisory covers a wide variety of Clients, transactions and interests within and outside the country as may be dictated by our Clients’ interest. We have acted and continue to act for Financial Institutions, Investors, Dealers, Developers and Owners of properties. We have been engaged in all aspects of real property transactions, including Acquisition, Investment, Development, Management, Re-development, Financing, Refinancing and Mortgage.

The Firm has vast experience in investigating and deducing title; preparation of change of documentation and obtaining governmental consents. The Firm also institutes compensation claims and obtains land dispute settlements either by negotiation or litigation or arbitration.



We offer Clients consultancy services when the need arises. We also have a range of experienced individuals and/or corporate bodies who are experts in analyzing and advising our Clients in order to help them make the best possible choices in a particular situation.

We act as Legal Consultants for Individuals; Enterprises and Organizations in different areas of practice and in this connection give legal advice and opinion on the interpretation and application of Agreements, Contracts and Statutory Provisions relevant to, affecting or relating to the functions, duties and powers of such Organizations.



When an individual or organization can no longer meet its financial obligations with its Creditors as debts become due; insolvency can lead to insolvency proceedings, in which legal action will be taken against the insolvent entity, and assets may be liquidated to pay off outstanding debts. Before an insolvent company or person gets involved in insolvency proceedings, it will likely be involved in more informal arrangements with creditors, such as making alternative payment arrangements and debt restructure, where these fails, we have the capacity to act as Receiver Managers for our Clients, and have several success stories in our debt recovery engagements, whether on fixed or floating debenture.



We provide Legal services to our Clients in the Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria particularly in the area of compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies, both pre and post registration as an operator in the industry. Where disputes have arisen, we have acted decisively on behalf of our clients by ensuring that their interests are protected and their rights enforced.

The Firm handles matters relating to licensing and other compliance issues, acquisitions of rights of way, financing operations, information technology including software, licensing and asset acquisition. We frequently advice Clients on the regulatory framework for the telecommunication industry. We also assist clients in obtaining requisite approvals and permit from the Telecommunications’ Regulator.



Immigration Law regulates the activities of foreigners coming into Nigeria either for the purpose of visiting, employment or to reside in the country. These foreigners are required to possess various types of documents and Visas before they can legally carry out any activities in Nigeria. We act as Immigration Consultants for individuals; enterprises and organization in different areas of practice which include but not limited to processing of Combined Expatriate & Residential Permit Card (CERPAC), Subject to Regularization Visa (STR) Temporary Work Permit, Entry Permit/ Entry Visa, Alien Registration, Expatriate Quota, Deletion from Quota and Meet & Greet Services for Expatriate at the Nigerian Borders.



Entertainment Law is legal services to the entertainment industry. Entertainment law overlaps with intellectual property law especially trademarks, copyright, and the right of publicity.



Having fulfilled the requirements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria for the appointment as a Notary, our Principal Counsel was appointed a Notary Public by the Chief Justice of Lagos State on behalf of the Chief Justice of Nigeria thereby enabling the Firm to administer oath in the capacity of a Notary.